our wine cellar

Our philosophy

We have been dedicated to the growing of the biblical fruit for 5 generations.
We are passionate about making typical PIEDMONTESE wines
that are able to bring out the special properties of the terroir at their best.

We want to tell the story of the FAMILY and TERRITORY through our wines.
We set out to raise awareness and the profile of the MONFERRATO while protecting and respecting the environment around us.
In 2021 our commitment to sustainability was recognized with the awarding of SQNPI
(National Integrated Production Quality System) certification.

We live by the teachings of our forebears while looking to the future.

Our winery

Located at the heart of our vineyards, the winery is where the magic happens. For generations our family has been working to maintain and bring out the quality of the grapes grown in the vineyards. The settings are fundamental for us. All the production and storage areas are semi-underground, so the wines can be kept constantly at an ideal temperature and the use of energy for cooling is reduced. Moreover, every part of the process takes place in separate areas, from crushing to fermentation, from ageing to tasting.

Some points of interest

The winery is powered by clean energy (a solar PV system). The cellar is temperature-controlled

Some wines are aged in barriques, tonneaux and historic casks made of oak