Our history

Five generations in a bottle

Ours is a story going back 5 generations.
It was the middle of the 19th century when our ancestor Giacinto Franco moved
to a small town in the hills of the Monferrato called San Damiano d’Asti.
He began buying up land little-by-little, building the foundations
for the creation and development of FRANCO GIACINTO.

Where it
all began


Franco Giacinto


Franco Felice

• new land
• bulk wine
• production of Barbera d’Asti


Bottling of Barbara d’Asti

Franco Giacinto

The most important results of the hard work and sacrifices of the earlier generations began to be seen with the third. Over his long working life, he grew the business and undertook new projects. The customer base expanded, and he began to bottle Barbera d’Asti and produce Arneis. He gave his life over to improving the family business.

Franco Rita

She married Giacinto at a very young age. With determination and by making sacrifices she helped and supported Giacinto in advancing the business. She brought up their 3 children, and dedicated herself with passion to tending the vineyards, performing many of the manual tasks required.


Cà Colomba
was born

Franco Felice

In 1996 the Franco Giacinto farm passed into the hands of second-born Felice and the fourth generation. With true entrepreneurial spirit he diversified the range and acquired state-of-the-art machinery and tooling to improve the production, especially of the three great DOCG status wines (Barbera, Arneis and Nebbiolo). He built Cà Colomba and introduced our two most important events: the food and wine walk “Filari Golosi”, and “Cena sotto le Stelle” (Dinner under the stars).

Valente Antonella

Antonella joined the family when she married Felice. Initially she looked after the firm’s accounts; now she is the face of Cà Colomba. With her kindness and willingness to help she runs the agritourism and takes care of its guests. Her breakfasts are the best!


Franco Fabio

Fabio studied winemaking in Alba. With his extensive technical knowledge and knowhow in the field of winegrowing, and experience gained over the years helping out his grandfather and father on the farm, Fabio decided to start working full-time in the business. Tradition meets innovation. He produces three new wines: the Classic Method “Le Bolle”, “Michelle’s Rosé” and a new blend “3Acini”. Goals for growth and development of the business: constantly improving quality while respecting the environment.

Franco Michela

After studying foreign languages and communication, Michela studied and worked abroad before returning home enriched by all her lived experience. Far from home she had developed a strong bond with her own land and now she begins to handle relations with the export market thanks to her marked language skills. She strengthens contacts with foreign customers and works with the first importers. Ambition: to make her area and products known worldwide. Lots of projects and a breath of fresh air for the future.

The soul of our business
lies in its people.

Franco Felice


Situata nel comune di San Damiano d’Asti, è il frutto dei sacrifici della nostra famiglia, delle evoluzioni e dei miglioramenti che apportiamo generazione dopo generazione per produrre nel rispetto della tradizione migliorando i nostri prodotti utilizzando tecniche e strumenti all’avanguardia.

our wines

The Franco family is dedicated to the profoundly environmentally-friendly production of high quality wines which are representative of Piedmont. Our three most important DOCG status wines are Terre Alfieri Arneis, Barbera d’Asti and Terre Alfieri Nebbiolo.